You can learn how to use acrylic and oil painting materials

Before you begin your painting lessons, you must have the correct supplies. This is true whether it’s through private instruction or DVD courses, click this.

This article is for those that are just starting out in acrylic or oil painting and want to know what to buy. There were many questions I had as I was learning to paint but there weren’t any clear answers. What are the requirements to become a fine artist?

Get started with essential painting supplies

You don’t have to ignore acrylics or oil if you are in a rush to get everything else. There are five main colours: red, green blue yellow and orange. The other colors will have a couple of shades, for example, burnt Sienna and burnt umber. Burnt-umber is a colour I often use. A white paint tube will also be required. Black or gray are both options. The color names are unique to each brand. The paint is also less expensive. Paint quickly runs out!
A palette knife for mixing paint
Painting a canvas or a board requires mixing paints on a palette.
Gesso for preparing canvass and panels ready to be painted.
The sizes and shapes of the paintbrushes are different. Paint brushes can be found in tongue, rounded or flat-edged shapes. Each shape is available in at least 3 sizes.
You can use it for different types of oil paint.
Solvent is a good solvent to use for cleaning oil paint.
For acrylic paint brushes, a glass of or jar filled with water is ideal for cleaning and stopping the paint drying.
You should use a standing easel. The easel allows for full movement. The easels on desktops are also used to hold paint.
Oil paint can be removed from brushes using rags

It is only natural that you would be excited to paint in acrylics or oil. Let me know where you’re at if you just began painting or want to increase your skill as an artist. You’ll love the fine arts form!

Christopher Johnson works as an oil painter, photographer, photo manipulator, and acrylic painter. His fine art is available for purchase online, and he’s open to commissions. He loves to paint flowers, nature and digital portraits.

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