When buying moldavite, you can use these methods to determine the real thing.

It is important to understand the different varieties of moldavite and the way to select the right one. Moldavite is one of many varieties available for purchase. Raw moldavite, which is unshaped and unpolished crystal in its original form. This type of moldavite will allow you to experience the pure energy and power that crystals possess. Moldavite is available in many sizes and shapes and it’s usually unprocessed.

Moldavite tumbled for sale is another type. Moldavite with a polished and tumbled surface has a shiny and smooth appearance. This is the perfect moldavite if you want something more beautiful. Moldavite tumbled comes in many sizes and shapes and can be purchased in small bags and individual pieces.

Moldavite which has been polished and cut is also available for purchase. This type of moldavite has been polished and cut to create a specific shape, like a spherical or heart. Moldavite which has been polished and cut is perfect for those who are looking to achieve a certain vibe. Moldavite of this type is usually sold in either sets or individually.

When selecting moldavite, it’s important to consider the crystal size and quality. Moldavite must be smooth and clear-green in color, with no chips or cracks. It is important that the size of your crystals matches both your physical type and energy level.

When purchasing moldavite, authenticity is an important factor to consider. Since there are many fakes on the market, it is important to buy your moldavite only from reliable sources. The vendor should have an authenticity certificate and will be able tell you the origin of the crystal and its quality.

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