Tile Roof Repairs to Improve Energy Efficiency

Tile roofs have become one of the more common roofing materials. Available in different colours and shapes, it is made from concrete or ceramic. Homeowners can choose a tile that suits their house because of its flexibility. As the 80’s wore on, many homeowners and builders began to choose tile as their roof. Asphault roofing shingles are inferior to cement or clay tiles. Tile Roofs offer the greatest advantage. In homes with pitched roofs the color or texture of the roof affects a substantial portion of its exterior. Roof tiles can give a roof a unique look, read here!

A tiled roof is the product of a master craftsman’s work. Two reasons are beauty and durability. However, there’s another reason that homeowners opt for tile roofs. Concrete tiles can be made using raw materials of naturally occurring origin and in an environmentally-conscious production process. This makes them an energy-efficient option. Concrete tile is more durable and offers better protection to homeowners.

Repairing or installing a tiled roof could reduce your electric bill in the summer. If you are living in a warm climate, you will have to consider the costs of cooling your house. Virginia (VA) can experience days of extreme heat and humid conditions that rival states such as New Mexico, Nevada or California.

To cool your home, you can install clay or concrete tiles over the asphalt roof shingles. It is possible to use roll roofing. The roof shingles or other materials used to cover the house ensure that it is waterproof. This will add an extra layer of energy efficiency for your home.

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