The Art and Heart of Political Advocacy

It’s like trying to teach a dancing octopus. Each one is trying their own thing. When you are in the middle and hoping that everyone will follow a particular rhythm, it’s like teaching an octopus how to dance. For additional information, visit this site.

Make sure you are able to convince high-ranking officials that learning how to dance is worthwhile.

Then, there are campaigns on a grassroots level.

It’s the Wild West, with social media campaigns.

Stories are powerful. Don’t ignore them. It’s true stories about struggles and triumphs that get people to stop, listen and maybe even open their wallets.

Can we tell if all the noise is making a difference? Some things are as obvious as day – like when new laws are passed, or when money is donated to a worthy cause. Trying to read the tea leaves of a hurricane is like trying deciphering chaos and confusion.

The road to success is not always smooth. Often, it’s more difficult for others to be interested in something other than dinner. Other people would prefer you to fail.

Can you have fun and keep pushing forward even if your plan A goes wrong? You need to be flexible.

The truth is, political advocacy, which isn’t that short, can be a frustrating, messy job. If you’re apprehensive about the octopus metaphors, this is not for you.

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