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How to Have High Sea Pirate Entertainment with a Kids Playhouse

The popularity of pirates is well-known among children learn more. It is possible to convert a child’s playhouse in to a pirate’s hideout. Many pirate movies are available and children love to read books like “Pirates Don’t Change Diapers”. This trend can be brought to your children’s playroom by you and your family!

These amazing tips can help bring the playhouse to p–AARRHH

1. To the windowsill or porch railing of your kids’ playhouse, add a telescope. A telescope is essential equipment for any seafaring pirate. Imagine how many foreign lands your child can see. Be on the lookout for pirate ships approaching and keep an eye out to see if anyone is after your treasure.

2. Treasure chests are available for filling in the area around the kids’ playhouse. A treasure chest may contain pirate costumes and foam swords. Another treasure box can be used as a container for drinks or snacks. One of the foam travel boxes can be used as a container for a drink. With your child, paint it together and decorate it to look like an actual treasure chest. It’s best to fill it up with ice, drinks and fruit snacks. It’s important to have a treasure box that contains all the actual “treasures”. You may let your child get creative and put their favorite games, books or trinkets into the treasure chest. Or, they may choose to keep jewelry, golden coins and sparkling crowns.

3. A flag pole and a pirate flag instantly transforms a kid’s playhouse in to a powerful, powerful pirate strong-hold. You can buy ready-made pirate flags or make your own. Easy to make a pirate’s banner. Get a simple black pillowcase and some inexpensive white felt. Cut the pillowcase to the required flag size. Make a crossbones and a skull out of the white felt. Glue it to both the black and white pillow cases. String it up on the flag pole, and everyone will be aware that pirates are a real threat!