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Renting movies online is a great way to enjoy the latest films.

It wasn’t so long ago that a visit to the video store was an annual or weekly treat for the whole family. There was a time when if your local video store had thousands of DVDs, and many copies of recent releases on hand you would be able to find something for everyone. Video rental stores are now almost obsolete. You can see หนังออนไลน์ for more information.

Blockbuster and other big-box outlets have left the bricks-and mortar business of video rentals in order to go online. Our video shops are little more than convenience stores in the corner with several hundred films on hand. They are constrained by space and can only have a small number of recent releases, along with some older titles. The frustration of driving out to see a movie that you really wanted to watch is not available can be frustrating.

On top of that, we often end up paying late fees, when buying the DVD would have been cheaper. What if you want to go on a trip? Or maybe spend a weekend at the cottage. 24 hour periods are not enough for many of us. How about the cost of renting a movie? What if the movie costs more than $3? All cable and satellite subscribers have access to pay per view movie rentals. This is a good concept. It’s a shame that most pay-per view rentals are $5 or higher. It’s not worth it to me.

You can now rent films online.

Why? Why?

1. Selection. When you choose to rent films from providers of instant movie streaming and DVDs by mail, you can usually select from anywhere between a couple thousand to more than 80,000 movie titles. You won’t find a comparable selection at your local video store.

2. Availability. Availability. Many DVD services stock hundreds of copies for each title. Netflix, for example, does not restrict the number of users who watch each movie. When you rent films online, almost all of your favourites are available.

3. Savings. You can rent DVDs from services that offer DVD rentals by mail for as little as $5.95 per month. If you can rent movies twice per month online, then you’re already in the black. You can choose from instant video streaming plans that start around $8+ per monthly or you can opt to rent movies online for $0.99-$3.99 each. While the cost of renting online movies may seem similar to that paid at your local store, remember to take into account points 1 and 2, (Selection and Availability), and point 4, “Convenience”.

4. Convenience. You will not find renting movies at your local video store or convenience shop as convenient as you do when renting online. Online movie rentals can be rented from your PC, TV or tablet. This means that you will never need to go out for a movie again. You can also rent movies from online providers at all times, whether it is day or night. With instant streaming video services, you can select a film and watch it right away. You can get movies delivered for free to your mail box within a week.

5. You will never be charged late fees. If you choose to rent movies from an instant video streaming service, you have up to thirty days to begin watching the movie. Then you can continue to view it for 24 to 48 hour. Once the period is over, your rental collection will automatically delete it. Netflix is an example of a service that offers unlimited rentals. You can rent movies as many times as you want and never worry about remembering to return them. They don’t charge late fees for the DVDs sent by mail. Instead they limit how many DVD movies can be rented at a time. It is possible to keep them on your computer for several days, or even months. You simply send them back once you’re done. Renting children’s films is a great idea, since they will watch it multiple times each day.