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Why should you join the best Ayahuasca retreat?

Ayahuasca retreat is available to any person of any nation who feels called to the medicine. Treatments will also be provided in English. People who are just starting to work with Ayahuasca or are looking for an environment that is safe, comfortable and allows them to fully experience traditional sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies. You can see Your Highest Truth for more information.

The retreat is intended to be cheap because it is essential that all who wish to go on the retreat have access to medicine. In spite of the fact that healing is the major focus of Ayahuasca, such retreats are not ideal for people dealing with chronic illness and severe emotional trauma.

Ayahuasca retreats are best for those who can walk 45 minutes. Sometimes they may have to go through muddy conditions. The walk will go smoothly for them. People like these need to be genuine and honest, as well as have an open spirit as well as an open head. For such centers to be successful, they need to feel energetic and young. They should also have an open mind, be fun, love adventure, and enjoy new experiences. They should also be keen to develop their consciousness and heal their soul, body, and mind.

Due to its rustic, simple location, people should be careful not to apply if they aren’t willing to make compromises with luxury. However, such retreats are ideal if you want to live a simple life with a high connection to the natural world.

Single occupancy tambos are available for accommodation. This accommodation type is known as a standard and although it’s simple and rustic, it has all the amenities that you need. You will find amazing views and safety in the jungle. The area offers all kinds of food. The center offers healthy and traditional Indian cuisine. The center can accommodate vegetarians and those with special needs.