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Gem Therapy

Their rarity makes them more valuable, and only wealthy families and powerful people could afford them —-. Men would also sport gemstones as a way to demonstrate wealth and power more help.

The precious stones were part of the reserve funds of many ancient and middle-aged monarchies, alongside silver and gold. Jewels, pearls, or precious stones were the hallmarks of great monarchs. These were set off with gold chains or necklaces of silver and/or gold. These items made the king appear more powerful and wealthy to his people by displaying wealth, power, or status.

These semi-precious gemstones are used for other purposes. It is believed that the cut quality or color of the gem can affect how sunlight flows and reflects, which in turn influences the aura. Astrologers believe the quality of an aura around a person is influenced by the placement of the planets within their birth charts. The correct gemstone will fix any problems in personality or relationships.

Secretly, the kings of ancient times used spells and magical techniques to combat each other. They also engaged in battles on the battlefield and conducted diplomacy. The gems offered protection against evil spells or rituals. The gems are no more popular but many still believe they have the ability to affect someone’s life. You can wear gemstones to serve spiritual or religious purposes. No harm is done to anyone or you, and no law is broken (apart from the common sense). Pearls —-have been worn by me when my life has not gone in the direction I wanted or when I was suffering from extreme illnesses.

Externally used gemstones such as earrings can have an effect on auras. Necklaces. Crowns. The ancient Indian astronomer-astrologer Varahamihira compiled the Hora Sara listing the various gems and their properties and uses. These data were supplemented with works in other cultures. They are also supported (as they claim to be) by research done on the chemical and physical properties of gemstones. Astrologers say that wearing rings with stones will allow you to touch the skin.

List of gemstones along with their therapeutic properties. The Hindi names will be in italics.

1) White Pearl (moti): This stone helps to improve memory, ease eye discomfort and calm the mind.

2) Emerald, also known as panna, is a green stone believed to alleviate heart diseases, brain illnesses, strokes diabetes and problems with the nose.

Hessonite also known as gomed. It’s a orange-brownstone, and treats both acidity (and external burns). It can be used for pain relief or to cool the body.

Ruby (mani) is a red rock which increases self-esteem. It makes you happier and social. It can also be used to treat stomach aches, rheumatism, and ulcers.

Coral, also known as Munga (redstone), is used to treat piles and diabetes. It can also cure blindness, impotence, and measles.

Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam, is a stone of blue color that can be used to treat bladder, kidneys, and bladder disorders.

7) Cat’s eye (lahsuniya), a yellow/gold-colored gemstone, can be used on all stages.

8) Diamond (heera), a transparent gem, is used in the treatment of diabetes and STDs. It prevents mucous formation and helps to reduce pus.

Yellow saphira or pukhraj, also known as yellow saphira and used to treat teeth problems and throat disorders.

These characteristics have not been clinically tested and their application is dependent on each person’s faith. You should carefully read this list to ensure these stones cannot be worn or purchased. Astrologers as well as gem-therapists are willing to loan out gems in exchange for their advice. While many people are only doing it to get richer, there are respected astrologers who will accept diamonds back after they have been worn. Other astrologers return cash to customers if a stone fails to perform as desired.