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Flagpoles, Residential & Commercial

Amman in Jordan houses the world’s biggest unsupported flagpole. The impressive 416 foot high, carbon steel pole weighs in excess 190,000. A flagpole of such size requires a strong foundation that can hold 600 tonnes. It is bolted with 36 carbon steel bolts to the foundation. The flag attached and the flag were designed to withstand winds up to ninety miles per hour. It was built weblink over two years and helped greatly by large corporations.

Even though the idea of building flagpoles may not seem daunting, engineering concepts will still apply.

First, you need to determine the height and dimensions your flagpole. The length of your banner should equal 25 to 40 percent of its height.

A commercial flagpole should measure between 30 and 35 feet in height. If you’re looking to make a statement on your front lawn, you can go shorter. For a one-story home, a residential flagpole will typically be between twenty-five to twenty five feet tall.

The final decision you need to make is what material your pole should be made. Flagpoles with the best quality and durability are both durable and affordable. Fiberglass and aluminum are good options. Flagpoles are also available in bronze or carbon and stainless steel. Wood, although it’s beautiful, is one of the weakest materials and is mostly used for wallmounted banners. You can choose any color you like with bronze and fiberglass. For larger flagpoles, stainless and carbon steel are available.