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How To Recessionproof Your Packaging

It seems that everyone is worried about their economy and that people are spending less. This could be causing a drop in sales for your products visit us. People tend to cut back their spending during difficult economic times. So, how do you counter product slumps during recessions or slowdowns?

The first thing you need to grasp is that consumers still “buy”. 70% of all packaging has a food connection and people have to eat. They just choose to buy differently. They might choose home-prepared meals over fast food and restaurant purchases. They want the same conditions. For fast food, it is simple to prepare and reheat. Wal-Mart’s freshly prepared take-home pizzas are a great example of meeting a need. It’s rotisserie chicken which I can use to make my meal, instead of going out. But convenience is still important to me. I also want minimal meal prep. Understanding how to recessionproof packaging is key to understanding what buying signals are most likely to motivate customers to purchase your products. They don’t want to waste money. They just want to save money and gain some value. Sometimes they want to indulge in something extra to make them feel better.

These are a few things you can do to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions through product packaging. Even though overall buying is down, people are still willing and able to try things. One example is that they might cancel a planned vacation. Can products be used by consumers to make a home vacation? The products could be designed to allow people to experience a lifestyle without ever having to leave their home. As an alternative to a vacation, you could package this experience. With our X, you can enjoy a relaxing spa treatment in your own home. It all depends on how you communicate the experience to your product packaging.