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Carpet Cleaning North Shore lists the Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Carpet cleaning can be done in many ways. There are many methods that can be used to clean your carpets. Carpet Cleaning North Shore is an expert in cleaning filthy carpets. They have seen them all and know which carpet types and stains work best. These are our top recommendations for carpet cleaning in North Shore, read here.

Heat water extraction

The most common method for cleaning carpets, or steam cleaning as it is also known, is hot water extraction. Hot water is used to clean the carpet. A vacuum will remove dirt and dust from the surface. Hot water extraction can remove deep-seated dirt and allergens as well as stains. It is safe for almost all types of carpet.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is recommended if you have carpets that are highly sensitive to water or require immediate attention. The steps include applying dry cleaning solutions to the mat, and then scraping the key into fibers with a machine. You will then need to vacuum up the dirt and grime.

Cleaning a Bonnet

Commercial carpets prefer bonnet cleaning because it’s quick and easy. A cleaning solution is applied to the carpet with a revolving Bonnet. Then, the fibres are scrubbed using the bonnet. It collects dirt, grime, and can be changed when it starts to get dirty.


The latest method for cleaning carpets with a cleaning agent that crystallizes dirt is called encapsulation. It can then be air dried after the cleaning agent has been applied to the carpet. The crystals will dry and then the dirt, grime, and other contaminants are absorbed. It is an efficient and quick method that is great for areas with high traffic.

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