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Differentiating Steam Carpet Cleaning From Dry Carpet Cleaning

The history of carpets in home d├ęcor is long visit this link. It’s not clear whether it was the Chinese who first used carpets or the Greeks. But the use of them is very common today. However, even if you have very beautiful carpets at home, they will not last long. Pets can make your carpets look less than nice. The condition of your carpet can be deteriorated by spills (liquid and solid), dusts, debris etc. In such a case, it is imperative to clean carpets. You can choose between two different carpet cleaning methods, namely steam and dry. Most carpet users are confused whether they prefer steam or dry cleaning.

Steam carpet cleansing is the cleaning of carpets using steam, or very low amounts moisture. Steam carpet cleaning relies on a number of different chemicals, as well as other cleaning agents. “Dry carpet cleansing” is cleaning the carpets with no water or liquid chemicals. People prefer the dry carpet cleaning method over the steam one because they do NOT have to wait for the carpets to be dried before use. There are some key differences between the two carpet cleaning techniques.

Dry cleaning is mainly done with solid substances. Dry cleaning techniques include sprinkling powders all over the carpet and letting it chase the dusts. The dust and dirt will be removed by vacuuming after a specified time. However, steam methods are based on using water, or other materials that are watery, as the cleaning substance. It doesn’t involve the use of dry cleaners. To remove stains and other particles, rub them with your fingertips. It may seem dangerous at first if you aren’t used to the method.

Dry cleaning methods are ideal for those who need to care for their carpets quickly. The dry cleaning method can remove dirt from carpets within a few minutes. To clean the carpet, you only need your vacuum cleaner along with a few chemicals. Steam cleaning does take time. Because it uses water, it is important to let your carpet dry.
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