Spa Gift Basket – Mothers Day Gift Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, May 9th. Gift baskets for mother is a great option to express your gratitude. Read more?

Spa gift baskets are filled with bath and body products such as bath crystals, body gel, moisturizing lotion candle, aromatherapy, drawer sacher, bath towel along with slippers, a massager made of wood. Other options include a picture frame, book, or a CD that plays soothing music. Although some spa baskets may comprise cookies, chocolates or truffles to add a touch of luxury, they are usually non-food items. The aim of gifting mother a present is to provide her with the experience that a spa day can provide from the comfort of her home.

Spa basket gift can provide peace and relaxation not just because of the refreshing scent of spa products or the massager made of wood or the soothing music CD that the gift may come with, but because the body lotions soap, aromatherapy candles and potpourri which come in the present could contain essential oils that are used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils from plants that help improve an individual’s physical as well as mental overall health. Each essential oil is made up of distinctive active ingredients, which are the basis for its application. Sweet orange oil for example, is extracted from its peel. It contains 95% its limonene. This is a chemical which is found naturally within citrus fruits. Sweet orange essential oil’s fresh fragrance is believed to help calm as well as balance the emotions, and offer the user positive emotions. An additional essential oil, Lavender oil Lavender oil comes from the flowering plant lavender. Lavender oil has the organic alcohol linalol, ketones, esters, and aldehydes. Linalol can be used as a antiseptic and helps heal skin irritations, including burns, acne as well as wounds. Lavender oil is also used to ease stress and depression because it aids in regulating mood. A majority of people also find its delicious and relaxing scent attractive.

Essential oils have been used for Aromatherapy for many years, it is not entirely certain how they work. Experts believe that when you breathe the aroma of one of the essential oils, like lavender, it may trigger brain cells that are located in the areas of the limbic brain that controls memory and emotions. Essential oils in body lotions and soaps are also taken up through skin, consequently the beneficial effects of essential oils may not result from inhaling the vapor itself.

Since spa gifts provide relaxation and healing, they are thoughtful gifts for your mom. They are also non-food items so they are much more appropriate than other types of gifts. If your mother is on a strict diets that limit carb intake, or isn’t able to eat much sweets, then a gift basket for spa that do not contain sweets would be the ideal present.

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