Self Storage: Considerations When Selecting A Storage Facility

Moving involves many considerations check my blog. Select whether you want to move on your own or with the help of a professional. You will need to decide which moving service, whether it is a truck or movers, you are going with. You should consider whether you need self-storage space or mini-storage if your large items won’t comfortably fit into your home. It is important to know what you’re looking for. When making your selection, you should consider:

It is not an exception. The best storage facility is located near your new residence, and is accessible via main roads. This will make it easier for you. It is important to consider the crime rates in your neighborhood. The unit should have enough “space”, to allow you to store all your belongings. If you plan to move and add more things, there should be enough space for that. This will save you the hassle of having to renew your lease or rent an additional storage unit. Commonly, the smallest unit is 5′ by 5′. These are ideal to store a few boxes or some small furniture for the bedroom. The largest sizes are 10′ by 42 feet and can store the contents of four bedrooms.

* Climate control: Several storage facilities now have climate-controlled rooms. These units are typically located inside larger structures. Climate-controlled units protect delicate items against humidity, heat, or cold better than those that are not. It’s also more convenient to move about when bad weather conditions are present. This type is normally more expensive.

This option will not be necessary unless a unit will need to be accessed outside of business hours or on holidays. It is not necessary to purchase this option if your storage unit will be used for a prolonged period.

* Security cameras which are monitored. It is useful to store expensive items in storage units. Cameras won’t perform as well if they are not monitored. Be sure to check that the cameras have been monitored.

The presence on site of security officers. A presence of security personnel is beneficial, as are monitored surveillance cameras. The perfect facility will not require it.

* Protect your storage unit with a sprinkler. You’ll want to ensure that you protect your valuables by installing sprinkler systems. It is common for water damage cause more or lesser damage than a fire.

* You can get insurance. It is important to ensure you have insurance on all of your belongings. It includes items in storage. Your storage company offering insurance is a great convenience. Note that all insurance is not created equal.

* Accepted payment methods

Pricing is most likely the most critical factor. But it was at the very bottom of the list for a good reason. The cheapest price doesn’t always mean the best storage. It is not worth it to have a storage unit that makes you so uncomfortable that you cannot sleep. Consider these important factors when choosing a place to store your possessions. Have a great move!

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