Parties Rentals: Equipment for Fundraising Schools

Hire a company to help you plan a successful fundraising event. You can rely on us for all fundraising activities, regardless of whether they are being held by an organization or charity. We want to ensure the success of your event by participating in it. There are many benefits to planning a fundraiser with party rental. Our equipment will help you to maximize the effectiveness of your event, go here!


You need entertainment to make your school fundraising a success. The hire of balloon twisters and glitter tattoo or face painting artists is possible. Unlimited performers can be hired. You can call them and have them ready to perform. Top performers will be at your disposal

Concession rentals

It is also a great way to unwind after a day of playing inflatables. Both students and their parents will enjoy the snow cones, cotton candy and other treats that are freshly prepared during the event. A hotdog steamer is also provided with the concessions. This allows you to sell the treats for a lower price, and still make a profit.

Water Play

A water ride is a great activity to do when the weather gets hot. The summer is the perfect time for slides. A wide range of slides are available. Dunks tanks can be found. Imagine how exciting it would be for students to try and dunk a teacher. It is clear that this activity takes place outdoors.

Game rentals

Our games range from the boxing and basketball areas to the simple tossing of a soccer ball into a net. There isn’t much need to think or use any skill in some of the games. Furious fowl, Gator Gulp and Zap A Zombie are among the games.

Carnival Games

The carnival theme will be created by these fun games. Spill The Milk, Duck Pond, Flip a Chick, Bring Home the Bacon, Bull Ringer, and other games will encourage children to donate money. You can use these games to raise money at your event.

Other equipment, such as a sliding-obstacle course can be rented.

Both adults and children can have fun with these. It is the 24″ inflatable obstacle course that’s new. It is perfect for fundraisers and school fairs because it offers challenges at every turn. Also, we have specially designed slides for children. When used in dry conditions, these slides are a lot of fun.

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