New Technology in Online Registration

The concept of online education has changed dramatically due to the amazing advancements in audiovisual and cloud-based technologies. Virtual classrooms offer a much more enjoyable learning environment than in the past. A new generation of online classroom registration software is bringing a range of interactive features to an online class. The following are the most recent technology solutions, which have proven to be a great addition in this case: read more!

EBoards that connect the internet to you

It is known that online registration software and the class management solution, which are part of it, facilitates improved teacher-student interactions as well as easy sharing. Now teachers can add images, videos and other articles along with links to relevant websites to their eBoards. This will enhance the course content. Teachers are able take their students through a web-based tour by providing external links in eBoards. The ability to gather information from around the world and present it ‘live in class’ makes virtual classrooms more exciting.

Sharing of rich content eBoards

Wireless streaming is a convenient way to transfer class materials from the eBoards directly to the computers of the students. The result is a truly collaborative experience. This sharing feature allows teachers to keep a close eye on the content that students view on their computers. It also opens new options for assessment with the ability to download digitally exams and questionnaires onto the screen of the student, then automatically transfer them back to their teacher.

Touchscreen Technology Enhances the Creative Quotient of A Course

Online learning has taken on a new dimension with the advanced technology of touch screens. The technology allows classrooms to be more interactive. The use of the pointer allows teachers to demonstrate the critical idea of moving images on the screen of the laptop. The untapped creativity in course material can then be used to create a strong connection with virtual students.

Moodle LMS Connector

Connectors have been developed in partnership with the best software-as-a-service (SaaS), including Moodle. By combining the best tools with Moodle, these connectors can be used to manage and promote trainings and classes from within the interface.

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