Moldavite – Guide to Buying & Using This Mystical Green Gemstone

Moldavite stone for sale can be a very rare and valuable gemstone. Collectors, spiritualists, and healers will all find this to be a highly sought after item. The people claim that this diamond helps spiritual growth. One type of tektite named moldavite occurs when a meteorite melts soil and rocks on its way to the ground. The liquid molten left over is then released into the sky, where it cools. Learn more?

For those looking to buy moldavite, there are a few options. Moldavite can be purchased online from a number of different merchants, who offer various prices and qualities. You should do your research prior to making any purchases, as there are imitation moldavite pieces available. When buying moldavite from a reputable vendor, make sure to ask for an authenticity certificate. Consider the quality of your stone when buying moldavite. High-quality mouldavite can be more expensive. However, it will have a clearer and distinct texture as well as a vibrant shade. Moldavite that is lower in grade may have a duller colour and be more amorphous. However, they can be equally useful to spiritual seekers.

Moldavite has many uses, including meditation and healing. Healers and practitioners claim that moldavite has the ability to balance chakras. Simply hold the stone or lay it down on your skin. Or wear it to enhance your spirituality. You should be aware that moldavite, a very strong stone, may not be suitable for everybody. For some, the moldavite energy can make them feel woozy or lightheaded. You should start out with a smaller moldavite piece to get used to its energy.

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