Information on LPN to RN Programs

In the USA, most people who are interested in nursing as a career choose to enroll in a LPN Program in order to become a Licensed practical Nurse. They enroll in LPN-to-RN programs only after they have decided to do so. It is because the LPN program usually takes less time to complete. A BSN (Bachelor of Science of Nursing) is completed in 4 years and offers a lucrative career. The 6 month lpn to rn program online has emerged as a popular option for aspiring nurses seeking career advancement.

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of LPNs enrolling in bridge programs to become registered nurses. The reason for this is mainly because RNs can command a higher salary than LPNs, but many employers also prefer to hire employees with higher education credentials.

Important Information about the LPN to RN Programs

Many universities, colleges and vocational schools offer LPN to RN Bridge Programs, both on and off campus. The program is designed to improve the knowledge and skills that a nurse already has so they can take the NCLEX RN exam.

The length of the nursing program depends on the school that a nurse attends. However, the training usually takes two to three years.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary by school just as much as the length of time it takes to complete a program. All schools look for these things:

A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required.
A set number of hours as a Licensed practical nurse in a hospital
-A transcript of records from a Licensed Practical Nursing Program

Benefits of LPN-RN Programs

The following are some of the advantages that this type of bridge program offers:


LPNs are under the direct supervision and control of an RN. Once a nurse obtains their RN degree, the role reversal occurs. As you know, RNs are given more responsibilities than LPNs.

-Career Advancement

The competition for nursing jobs increases as the number of students who plan to pursue a nursing career grows. LPN to RN Programs offer students/nurses an advantage over other applicants. Higher education credentials make nurses more desirable to employers. This means that they can earn more money.

-Higher pay & better benefits

Registered nurses not only earn more than Licensed Practical Nurses, but also receive better benefits and compensation packages.

It is not surprising that LPNs enroll in LPN-to-RN Programs, as they have more career opportunities and can earn a higher salary. This trend is expected to continue. It is important to sign up for one of these online or offline bridge programs as soon as you can.

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