How many Telescopic Flag Poles do you Need?

How many flagpoles will I need to set up if I install a telescopic pole in my business? Answers to this question depend on many factors such as your building’s size, where you want to place the pole, and how many flags will be flown from the pole. Take, for instance, into consideration the following and other factors: get more info?

Building Size

In calculating how many poles you need, your building’s size is an important factor. One flagpole may be enough to fly the American Flag on a small residential structure. Yet, for a commercial building with many floors and flagpoles that display the American Flag as well as a number of other flags.

Flagpole location

Your flagpole’s placement will have an impact on the demand for certain numbers of flagpoles. Installing the flagpole centrally, in an area such as the main entry or courtyard could mean that you only require one pole to display the entire collection of flags. You may require multiple flagpoles if you wish to have them installed in different areas of the building, for example, the parking area or rooftop.

What is the total number of flags in existence?

The final factor is the number and type of flags. You may only need one pole if you are planning to display the American Flag. You may require more than just one flagpole if, on the other hand you plan to fly multiple flags, including the POW/MIA, state or organization flags.

You should seek out the help of a professional flagpole installer to determine the best number of flagpoles that will fit your building. You can ask them to help you consider the above variables. The experts will give you advice on what solution best suits your circumstances. The more flagpoles that you own, the greater the number of flags which can be flown above. This will make your flagpoles appear to be more patriotic.

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