How can I fix an icemaker that is not working? Problem-solving Tips

They are one of the top features on refrigerators, but not always work well. It is important to understand how a refrigerator’s ice maker functions before complaining. If you want to learn more about Why LG refrigerator making noise when door closed?, please visit this page.

When your ice maker does not produce enough ice or is not producing any ice at all, it’s a sure sign that there are problems.

Learn how an icemaker works

For ice, the water comes from a 1/4-inch water line running between the refrigerator and a source of water. The thermostat controls the temperature of the refrigerator. The water flows to a valve that sends the water to an automated ice maker. It is here that the water turns into ice.

If the thermostat turns off in your refrigerator when it freezes the water, then you can turn the temperature up to release the ice from the mold. When the motor turns on, the ice ejection arms rotates and pushes ice out of the mold. After the ice is dispersed the cycle begins again. In the event that ice doesn’t get collected, a bailwire will be raised by the ice to close the unit.

You can use these tips when you have problems with your machine producing too little ice.

Your freezer should have a machine shutdown arm. It should be extended to the machine. This arm will indicate whether the machine has been turned on or off. This shut-off device may require you to remove the ice jug. The on/off setting of your machine should be checked as well.

Check that your freezer is set to a temperature no higher than 50oF. Otherwise, you may need to adjust the thermostat. In case you do not know what settings to use, place the cooking thermometer into the freezer with a small bowl of cooking oils. You can leave the oil to freeze for up to two hours but it will give a more accurate temperature reading. It may be necessary to re-adjust the thermostat if you find that the reading of the thermometer doesn’t match up with the preset temperature in the freezer thermometer.

Unplug the fridge and remove it from its location to access the water supply. Switch off the ice maker by closing the valve. Check the constant flow of water by removing the line and turning the water valve back on. The water will come out. Use a bucket for the collected water.

Check the inlet nozzle. To do so, insert a small screwdriver with a flathead, remove the intake screen and inspect for any obstructions that could prevent water flowing as it should. Flussing the line with cold tap water is a good idea.

You can check the tail tube above the mold. You can thaw out the ice by using a source of heat, such as a hair dryer. Simple.

Replace the ice bucket and wait 24 hours to see if the ice maker is working again. If the icemaker is not working, replace the bucket with a new one and wait 24 hours.

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