Here Is A Summary Of The Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Carpet is a major investment for any homeowner Maintaining the carpet at home includes vacuuming regularly and using a cleaning technique periodically. Some of the best carpet-cleaning methods are shampooing, hotwater extraction, cleaning with foam, and bonnets. Vacuuming carpets regularly removes only the dust particles that are embedded in the fibers. It also maintains its appearance. This removes the dirt that is embedded in the pile. Vacuuming areas with low traffic should be done every two-weeks, while areas with heavy traffic need to be vacuumed once a weekly. For areas that have high dirt levels or pet dander it is best to vacuum at least twice a day.

Understand the differences among the different methods for cleaning a carpet before you decide to have it cleaned. All methods of carpet cleaning have advantages and limitations. There isn’t a method that is clearly better than another. Each method works well if used under the correct conditions. In many cases, several methods will be combined to produce better results. Below are the top carpet cleaning techniques:

Steam cleaning or Hot Water extraction Cleaning – This method uses hot-water solution to clean the carpet. After spraying it on, the solution is removed with a moist vacuum. The soil in the carpet is also removed as the cleaning solution leaves the carpet. Hot water extraction machines can be either truck mounted or mobile. A truck mounted system offers a stronger spray pressure, better vacuum pumps and more efficient heating. The term steam cleaning may be used to describe hot water extract carpet cleaning but it is not accurate because the water temperature reaches a high enough temperature to produce steam.
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