DUI – For how long am I likely to lose my license?

DUI is the abbreviation that is used to refer to the act of driving Under Influence. DWI is another name for the term DUI (Driving While Impaired). It’s the act of driving a motorized car during or following consumption of alcohol or drug or both. More bonuses?

In many countries, DUI is a crime that can lead to an arrest and heavy fines. Driver has to lose his license for specific time period or even permanently based on severe ness of the crime.

When a person’s BAC is greater than 0.08 and they’re considered as drunk. The punishments for a DUI charge can vary from state to state. The duration of suspension for drivers’ licenses can be depend on the country in which you live, the gravity of the crime and the amount of BAC. The BAC maximum of 0.08 is same for all countries.

When will I lose my driver’s license?

The penalties for a DUI can be as follows:

The maximum amount of time in prison is 6 months

License suspension for one year if BAC level is in the range of 0.08 to 0.15

License suspension of an amount of 18 months when BAC amount is in the range 0.15 to 0.19

License suspension of 24 months if BAC count is greater than 0.20

Fines may range from $500-$1500.

The suspension time may be extended or decreased depending on the charge. The time frame can be extended over the time mentioned above in certain instances. Some states have license suspension is obligatory if drivers refuse to take the breath analyzer test.

There is also the possibility of further suspensions should you be an commercial license. In every country, it’s mandatory for the license to be revoked in the event that a driver is found guilty of DUI. Usually, the period of suspension could be as short as 30 days up to one year in the event that you’re arrested for the first time for DUI.

The Rules Revocation of Licenses under DUI The Charge

A first DUI resulted in an immediate suspension of licenses for a year

The second DUI violation results in license suspension for 5 years

Licenses are suspended for 10 Years after three DUI conviction

Fourth DUI violation results in permanent license suspension

Your license can also be revoked for the first DUI conviction, in certain countries. You can lose your license if, after being arrested and you fail to submit to a chemical test. Recurring convictions may lead to a long-term or permanent revocation. It is also possible to decrease the time of suspension for your license or to completely dismiss your suspension, however the abrupt decision is required to investigate these options. You can consult with your lawyer about these options. Lawyers should ask for an appointment with the DMV within 10 working days of the hearing. If you fail to take this action, your options may be limited.

There is no guarantee that you will lose your driving privileges if are charged for DUI. There are a variety of ways you can defend against these charges. Consult with your attorney regarding alternative methods.

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