Crystal Clear Water is the result of The Water Softener.

iSpringRCC7 Water Softeners are a real leader. One of the best softeners on the market, it utilizes reverse osmosis (RO) technology to filter out hard minerals and other pollutants. Now let’s take a closer look at the iSpringRCC7 to see what makes it unique, read this?

The iSpringRCC7 cleans your water with a 5-stage reversible osmosis process. With this combination of sediment filtration (carbon block), reverse osmosis and post-filter carbon block, you can expect your water to be the cleanest and purest it possibly can. It can also handle households that are very busy, as it has a daily water capacity up to 75 gallon.

Nevertheless, its modern design sets the iSpringRCC7 apart. This water conditioner comes in an elegant package that can fit under your sink. Easy to use interfaces and instructions allow for easy installation and care.

iSpringRCC7 also has a very high degree of efficiency. A ratio of 1:1 between the waste water and purified water makes this water conditioner very efficient. Thanks to the long-lasting filters, which can last up to one year, you will be able to use clean, purified water all day without needing to change them regularly.

All of the features listed above would be worthless if iSpringRCC7 was not able remove all hard minerals. But don’t worry! It is a great way to eliminate pollutants as well as hard minerals.

Water softener iSpringRCC7 has everything. Because of its compact design, it is an excellent choice for homes. Its reverse-osmosis process allows you to enjoy water which is free from impurities, minerals and other hard substances.

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