Carpet Cleaning Cammeray offers you these essential tools to revitalize your furniture.

Are you tired of seeing old, worn-out furniture? You may have a vision of restoring your beloved couch or chair back to its original splendor. Affordable carpet cleaning offers upholstery services. Our knowledge and tools will help us give your most prized possessions an entirely new look. Explore the tools we use for first-class upholstery. Our portfolio.

The Upholstery Stapler is a reliable friend that completes our toolbox. The upholstery stapler provides a tight and smooth finish, by securing fabric, foam and batting. It is important to have this equipment to achieve professional results when reupholstering chairs or upgrading headboards.

Steam cleaners can remove stains and odors! Steam cleaners of high quality are unbeatable at removing dirt and grime. The upholstery will be effectively cleaned, making it clean and free of allergens. Steam can be used to restore the color of your furniture and its pleasant freshness.

Upholstery Tack Removers: When it comes time to get rid of old cloth, our upholstery tack remover is a great tool. Our tool is designed to remove stubborn staples and tacks without damaging the frame. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use for both our employees and furniture.

Fabric shears are essential for every upholsterer. Our high-quality, sharp shears easily glide through cloth, allowing us to make precise cuts and transitions. These shears are also able to produce a flawless finish when cutting complex patterns and fitted seams.

Upholstery Needles and Threads: We only use high-quality upholstery needles, and thread that will last for years to stitch together your cloth. These instruments allow us to precisely repair fabric, reinforce seams and add subtle details. We can then highlight your furniture design’s best qualities using premium materials and our skilled hands.

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