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A used car with new tires can be a great find. The dealership, or even the prior owner of the vehicle may have maintained the vehicle to the highest standards. It is not necessarily a sign of good things. You can imagine two scenarios that are frightening. It would be scary if the car showed less than 20000 miles, but had new tires. Tires should last for much longer than 20,000 miles, possibly even 50,000. Learn more?

It is frightening to have the tires replaced so quickly because it often means that miles are being rolled forward and tires are being replaced in order to reflect the true mileage of the car. The vehicle may have mechanical or wheel alignment issues, which can cause extra wear on the tires. Car Fax reports can help you verify mileage.

Retread Truck Tires

The retread is an old tire that has been repaired to allow it to be used once again. It is achieved by sanding off the tread from a worn out tire, and then adhering a brand new piece. Then, they are fused with pressure and heat.

The tires of large trucks tend to wear faster. They are used to carry heavier loads and on non-paved roads. It can be expensive to replace tires frequently. Some choose to purchase used tires. Others opt for “retread tires”. It can be cheaper to buy used tires, but they can end up being a poor choice because their rubber is already partially worn. The retread tire can often last just as long as the new one, yet cost only half of the original price.

On each tire, a bar-code with valuable information has been printed. Each tire contains a barcode that provides valuable information.

Tires that have Plugged Holes

If the hole was repaired professionally, it would normally be filled. However, if the owner did the job themselves, there may still be a plug. The plug kit is used by many owners to temporarily fix flat tires. This helps them save money. These holes can be found by customers and they can ask for them to be repaired at the dealer. It is best to understand how these are repaired to identify them.

To fix holes, use the plug kit as follows:

1. The holes causing your problems should be located. It is possible to do this with a spray of soapy water. The bubbles that form around the air escaping will help you locate the problem.

2. The rubber plug can be inserted using a greased reamer.

3. The rubber part can be threaded into the hole with a greased sewing needle.

4. The rubber part will remain in place.

5. Reduce the amount of rubber to smooth out your wheels.

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